Cabin Fever! Four Creative Winter Date Ideas


Creative Winter Date Ideas

As we reach the middle of February, those of us in the northern climates may be feeling a bit of cabin fever. The warm breezes and fresh air of spring are so tantalizingly close, yet we still have to push through a few more weeks of winter.

As we grow tired of being trapped inside by the snow, wind, and freezing temperatures, it is easy to become restless and irritable. Worse yet, these feelings may lead to foul tempers and bickering with our spouses or significant others.

To help break through the monotony of the final few weeks of cold and maintain a loving relationship with your spouse, here are some creative winter-friendly date ideas.

Creative Winter Date Ideas

1. Beach Movie Night 

If an escape to a tropical paradise isn’t quite within your budget, why not create one in your own home?

Set the mood by dining on some kebabs and fresh fruit. Consider lighting an ocean breeze or floral-scented candle to create some ambiance.  Then light the fireplace or turn up the heat (if only for one night), throw on some Hawaiian shirts and leis, and settle down with your significant other for a night of beach-themed movies.

2. Appreciate the Beauty of Winter 

Now hear me out. I know that many of you have been buried under a blanket of snow for months now. Driving around town, looking out the window, and going for walks to see only white on the horizon can become disheartening.

But think back to the first snow of the season: the glittering powder on the ground, tiny puffs drifting on the wind, a brisk breeze reddening your cheeks.

Take some time with your spouse to rediscover this magic.

  • Take a nature walk on a local hiking trail (make sure they are safe to walk!).
  • Visit a forest preserve or community park.
  • Spend some time in a café or restaurant with large windows and a beautiful view of the frozen landscape.

The coming springtime will bring lovely flower blossoms and balmy temperatures, but take some time to appreciate the joys of winter before they melt away.

3. Take a Staycation

While a home is indeed a sanctuary, being kept cooped up by chilly temperatures for months on end can leave anyone feeling caged-in. Find a day when both you and your spouse are free, and plan a fun day out of the house.

Or, do some research to find local activities such as museums, zoos, art galleries, wine tastings, or cooking classes.

Consider checking out offerings by your local library or discount days offered by culture sites like museums.

You’ll get time away from your house or workplace, spend some time with your spouse, and maybe even learn something new!

(You might also consider taking a summer staycation as well! Read more.)

4. Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

If you can’t get a whole day free to spend time with your partner, consider this option.

Just as we may grow tired of the long winter months, so too our hometowns may begin to feel stale and boring, especially if you’ve lived there for a while.

Try looking at your town with fresh eyes, like a visitor would!

Are there any new restaurants you’d like to try? A unique local landmark or historical site? You could even visit that one bar you’ve always wanted to try but never got around to. Undoubtedly your town will have something unique to offer, whether it’s an old-fashioned movie theater, a stand-up comedy show, or karaoke night at the local pub.

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