Mobile Games for Couples

Mobile Games for Couples: An Easy Way to Add Fun to Your Relationship

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Smartphones are everywhere and, sure, they can be distracting. Many couples experience troubles as a result of smartphone usage. For example, by checking Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and scores on ESPN, you might miss an opportunity to spending meaningful time with one another. How, then, can we work to maintain a balance between these digital distractions and our lives in the real world, especially in our relationships? You can either outlaw the phone or turn it into a way to create fun experiences together. How? Try out some mobile gaming apps that couples can play together. Many of these gaming apps can be used for fun date day experiences. Or, at the very least, they will give you something fun to do in your free time together. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Mobile Games for Couples 1. Words With Friends, Chess, and other Classics. These apps…

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Cabin Fever! Four Creative Winter Date Ideas

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  As we reach the middle of February, those of us in the northern climates may be feeling a bit of cabin fever. The warm breezes and fresh air of spring are so tantalizingly close, yet we still have to push through a few more weeks of winter. As we grow tired of being trapped inside by the snow, wind, and freezing temperatures, it is easy to become restless and irritable. Worse yet, these feelings may lead to foul tempers and bickering with our spouses or significant others. To help break through the monotony of the final few weeks of cold and maintain a loving relationship with your spouse, here are some creative winter-friendly date ideas. Creative Winter Date Ideas 1. Beach Movie Night  If an escape to a tropical paradise isn’t quite within your budget, why not create one in your own home? Set the mood by dining on…

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Summer Staycation Ideas for Couples

Nine Exciting Summer Staycation Ideas for Couples

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You’re newly married or still getting ready for that wedding. Money is tight. A real summer vacation seems to be out of the question. So, what do you do? Take a staycation instead! Sit down with your spouse or fiance and talk about some of these summer staycation ideas for couples. What is a staycation? Well, instead of going on a vacation somewhere else, you create your own vacation in the comfort of your own home or hometown. Everything is in driving distance, and at the end of the day you get to sleep in your own bed. Staycations can help you save money and live a more frugal lifestyle. So, schedule your staycation this summer! Take the days off work, but save on gas money. Take a look around and appreciate what you have. Schedule a staycation date with your significant other. Before reading the staycation ideas below, consider…

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The Modern Long Distance Relationship

Surviving a Long-Distance Relationship in Marriage

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Nearly every night these days, I get ready for bed, crawl under the covers, and then wait patiently for my wife to put on her pajamas, brush her teeth, and get into bed as well so that I can read to her. We don’t always read the same book at the same time, but when we do, we take turns reading aloud to one another. It’s my turn to read, and we’re currently reading The Lord of the Rings (first time for her, at least the seventh time for me). In the past we have together read Watership Down, Franny and Zooey, The Velveteen Rabbit (I guess we have a thing for rabbits!) and The Brothers Karamazov, to name a few. Annie will usually stay awake until the end of a given chapter, but sometimes she nods off. When she does this, I quietly close the book we are reading….

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