Preparing for Your Catholic Marriage

This is an exciting time in your life! Now is the time to prepare for a marriage that will keep you and your future spouse together for life. Contact your local parish or diocese to learn about the marriage preparation programs in your area. These events will take you out of your comfort zone and invite you and your future spouse into the areas where you can experience the most growth.

Catholic Marriage Preparation Resources

First, you will need to prepare for your wedding ceremony. It is easy to focus on the details and forget about the big picture of your Catholic wedding ceremony. In this website there are many resources to help you understand your wedding ceremony and make it a significant moment in the beginning of your lifelong commitment together.

You can also join the millions of couples of you have planned their Catholic wedding ceremonies with Together for Life.

It is also important to take this time to confront and work through the challenges that are likely to come up once you have tied the knot.

Here at Together for Life Online, you can find a number of resources that will help you:

An Innovative and Comprehensive Program for Marriage Preparation

Joined by Grace
Preparing for the Sacramental Journey of Marriage
A Marriage Preparation Program from Ave Maria Press

Joined by Grace was developed with one goal in mind: to help engaged couples build strong, life-giving, and lasting unions by inspiring them to welcome God into their marriages more completely.

Offering couples the tools they need for life after their wedding day, Joined by Grace shows how the seven sacraments can help build marriages that are rooted in Christ by teaching couples to accept and be fully present to one another, give themselves completely, and serve and forgive each other.

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