Whether you are newly married or have been married for years, effective communication in marriage is an essential skill to ensure you will be together for life. The lack of communication in marriage can be a significant cause of divorce not to mention general unhappiness in your relationship.

Communication in Marriage

Communication in Marriage Articles

In the articles below, you can read advice from couples who are mastering habits and skills necessary to develop positive communication skills in their marriages. Check out the articles and leave a comment with your experiences with each topic.

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Books about Marriage and Communication

If you are looking for books about communication in marriage from a Catholic Perspective, consider these titles:

We Really Need to Talk by Dr. Paul Donoghue and Dr. Mary Siegel

Are You Really Listening? by Dr. Paul Donoghue and Dr. Mary Siegel

The Good Listener by James Sullivan

God Knows Marriage Isn’t Always Easy by Maureen Rogers Law and Lanny Law