New Book for Newlyweds: Just Married

Just Married--A New Book for NewlywedsIn Just Married: The Catholic Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the First Five Years of Marriage, nationally syndicated radio hosts and international family life speakers Greg and Lisa Popcak combine decades of counseling, the latest findings in marriage research, more than twenty years of marriage, and the wisdom of Catholic teaching to offer couples the most up-to-date look at what it takes to create and sustain an incredible Catholic marriage that will last a lifetime.

Recent research indicates that now more than ever couples report feeling insecure about their ability to create a marriage that will withstand the test of time. In Just Married, Catholic therapist Greg Popcak and family life coach Lisa Popcak offer newlyweds a master plan for growing a strong bond in the first five years of marriage.

Through the Popcak’s experience of a rocky start to their own marriage and their expertise in marriage counseling, readers will learn that despite the odds, every couple has the capacity to live happily ever after.

Couples will discover that they need only commit to learning the critical skills of the first five years of marriage, including: praying together, conflict resolution, stress management, and holy sex.

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About the Authors

Dr. Greg PopcakGreg and Lisa Popcak

Gregory Popcak is executive director of Pastoral Solutions Institute and the author of over a dozen popular books integrating Catholic theology and counseling psychology. He is an expert on the practical applications of the theology of the body. Popcak’s books include For Better . . . Forever!Holy Sex!, and Parenting with Grace. Popcak is a regular contributor to Catholic DigestFamily Foundations, and others.

Since 2001, he and his wife and coauthor, Lisa Popcak, have hosted several nationally syndicated radio advice programs, including Heart, Mind and Strength, Fully Alive!, and, most recently, More2Life. They have also hosted two television series for EWTN: For Better . . . FOREVER and God Help Me! He serves as an adjunct professor for the sociology and graduate theology departments at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. He also serves as adjunct faculty for the Harold Abel School of the Behavioral Health at Capella University.

Lisa Popcak 

Lisa Popcak is the vice president of the Pastoral Solutions Institute. A family life coach, lactation consultant, and professional educator, she is the coauthor of For Better . . . Forever!Holy Sex!, and Parenting with Grace. Since 2001, she and her husband and coauthor, Gregory Popcak, have hosted several nationally syndicated radio advice programs, including Heart, Mind and Strength, Fully Alive!, and, most recently, More2Life. They have also hosted two television series for EWTN: For Better . . . FOREVER and God Help Me!

Popcak’s articles can be read in many popular Catholic magazines. A sought after speaker on marriage, parenting, and women’s spirituality, she has addressed audiences across North America as well as in Australia and Hong Kong.

Endorsements for Just Married

Christopher WestChristopher West, Author of Theology of the Body for Beginners

“I share a deep affinity with the Popcaks and the way they present the faith. Their latest book, Just Married, is loaded with their typical winsome wisdom and advice. They help newly married couples unpack the great mystery of marriage and discover the divine love story that is behind their own. Every married couple—newly married or otherwise—will benefit from this book.”



Damon OwensDamon Owens, Executive Director of the Theology of the Body Institute

“Thank you, Greg and Lisa! Just Married is a treasure for today’s newly (and not so newly!) married couples. A guide this rich with grace and wisdom can only come from a deeply faithful Catholic married couple seasoned through years of marriage, professional practice, and prayer. This is theology of the body for the newly married couple.”



Archbishop Joseph NaumannMost Reverend Joseph F. Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City Kansas

Just Married should be required reading for every recently married Catholic Couple. Christian marriage is a call to heroic love. It should not be surprising that living this vocation well does not happen without prayer and effort. Greg and Lisa provide many helpful insights into the challenges that young couples encounter as well as practical strategies on how to overcome what otherwise will become obstacles to their happiness. Married couples honor and praise God most beautifully by striving daily to grow in their love for each other in the Lord. There is nothing more important that a couple can do to build up the Church and make a better world than to do whatever it takes to make their marriage strong and healthy. The Popcaks provide a practical pathway to help couples enjoy the abundant life God desires for them in this world and to help each other make it together to heaven.”


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