Statement of Intentions in a Catholic Wedding

When both bride and groom are baptized Christians, The Order of Celebrating Matrimony begins with a very brief paragraph spoken by the priest or deacon that recalls the Church’s understanding of marriage as grounded in baptism. You will be reminded that Christ consecrated you in baptism and now calls you to the Sacrament of Marriage. If one partner is not baptized, the introductory address will remind you of the strength of your love and the support of the Church as you join together in marriage.

Statement of Intentions (Questioning of the Couple)

The priest or deacon will ask you to state your intentions as you come before the Church to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage. The Church wants to publicly confirm that your understanding of marriage is in harmony with its own.

The presider will ask you three questions regarding the freedom with which you enter marriage, the permanence of your commitment, and your willingness to accept and raise children in the Catholic faith. If you are past childbearing years, the last question might be omitted.

Each of you will respond to the questions individually.

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