Eucharistic Prayer for a Wedding

The Eucharistic Prayer for a wedding is the central prayer of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. After the Sanctus, we hear a prayer of epiclesis—an ancient form of prayer asking God the Father to send the Holy Spirit, in this case to transform the bread and wine into the presence of Christ in the midst of the gathered assembly.

The prayer then moves into the institution narrative during which we remember the night when Jesus first expressed his desire to be with us in the Eucharistic elements of bread and wine and commanded his disciples to “Do this in memory of me.”  In response, the entire congregation proclaims together the Memorial Acclamation wherein we recall Christ’s death and resurrection.

The latter part of the Eucharistic Prayer continues to remember what Christ has done for us in his death and resurrection.  It calls to mind all those who pray this prayer along with us—both those living and those who have died.  And, it allows us to unite the gift of our lives and love to the gift of Christ’s life and love as an offering to God the Father.

When you hear the Eucharistic prayer for your wedding, you may notice that a short prayer for you as a married couple has been inserted into the middle of the prayer, highlighting your central role in this celebration and, again, asking God’s blessing upon you.

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