Catholic Wedding Homilies

Following the reading of the gospel, the priest or deacon will preach a homily at your Catholic wedding. Based on the ancient Latin word “homilia,” meaning “conversation,” the homily seeks to create a conversation between the scripture passages you have selected and the sacrament of marriage as you will live it.

Because no two couples are exactly alike, no two Catholic wedding homilies will be exactly alike. The preacher will try to connect what he sees in your love for each other and what the readings say about marriage. Sometimes preachers will use the opportunity to speak more to you as a couple about what the Church community hopes for you and asks of you. Sometimes preachers will speak to the Church community about the particular way that you witness God’s love in their midst. The message spoken will be most meaningful if the preacher has had a chance to get to know you as a couple beforehand so do your best to meet with him before the wedding ceremony.

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