Catholic Wedding Recessional

After the final blessing in your Catholic wedding, the recessional will begin. First, the priest will dismiss the assembly into the world with a short phrase such as “Go forth, the Mass is ended” or “Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life.” This dismissal reminds you and all those in the assembly of our fundamental call to go into the world as disciples of Jesus Christ, doing his work and witnessing to his love in our every day lives.

The procession out of the church at the end of the celebration is similar to the procession at the beginning, but in reverse order. Whereas you processed into the worship space last, you exit the worship space first, leading the community out into the world. Generally, the members of your wedding party, your parents, and the presider with the other ministers follow you. Often the rest of the assembly is ushered out as Catholic wedding recessional music continues.

Consider in advance where you will go as you exit the worship area.

  • Will you want a few moments of time alone together before greeting family and friends?
  • Will you meet and speak with your guests as they exit?
  • What might take place so that members of your extended family and friendship circles get to know each other and feel at home with one another?

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