New USCCB Marriage Website Launched to Defend Marriage

Marriage: Unique for  Reason

During the 2011 November meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a new marriage website was launched to define and defend the sanctity of marriage. This new USCCB website is called Marriage: Unique for a Reason.

About Marriage: Unique for a Reason

According to the About Page of the site, “Marriage: Unique for a Reason offers resources to assist with the education and catechesis of Catholics on why marriage is unique and why it should be promoted and protected as the union of one man and one woman.”

In Bishop Cordileone’s welcome message (November 14, 2011), he explains the USCCB’s reasoning behind the development of the website. The bishops have a sincere focus on the promotion and defense of marriage as the union between one man and one woman. According to Bishop Cordileone, the “website is designed as a home of resources on what the Catholic Church teaches about the unique meaning of marriage, and why.”

Resources at this New USCCB Marriage Website

There are a number of valuable resources on the Marriage: Unique for a Reason website. Among them are the many videos on topics like “sexual difference” and “the common good.” There is also a long list of frequently asked questions that go into detail about the Church’s teaching on marriage.

You can also follow their blog at

The website also offers a number of catechetical resources that can be used in parishes to support and strengthen the Church’s teaching on marriage.

If you are a fan of John Paul II’s theology of the body, you will no doubt enjoy the information on this new venture by the USCCB.

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